Bell Laboratories

Upper Macungie, PA

Project Details

Completed 1991
100,000 sf
$105 million

Davis Brody Bond

A $105 million laboratory and office complex for laser and computer microchip research division for Bell Labs. Flexibility was necessary for this facility in order to enable it to adapt to a large range of potential research and development projects ranging from light electronics to heavy chemistry and “clean” rooms accomplished through state-of-the-art filtration systems that control temperature, humidity and dust particles. There are ten 10,000 square foot laboratory pods situated on either side of a split-level service and circulation spine that can be divided and fitted for different needs. There are also below grade service tunnels for supply deliveries and waste removal.

Structural features included:

  •  Steel frames structure designed to extremely stringent vibrations criteria to allow research on submicron material.
  • All labs designed with built in relief from possible accidental explosion which might result from use of volatile gases.
  • Very difficult foundation construction due to presence of water-bearing shale stratum with tipped bedding planes.
  • Exposed architectural steel with high performance coating materials.
  • Prefabricated, insulated, large metal sandwich panels enclose the building.