Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center
& Lee Street Connectivity Elements

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Image copyright © Chuck Choi and ZGF Architects

Project Details

Completed 2011
150,000 sf
$74 million

ZGF Architects

2012 ACEC/MW Engineering Excellence Award – Honor Award

The Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center is a new five-level, outpatient center designed to foster a new view of cancer patient care inspired by care for the environment. The center consolidates several existing cancer clinics into one site and includes exam rooms; spaces for radiology, radiation oncology treatment and infusion; a women’s clinic; a meditation space; and a pharmacy. The cancer center was created with the goal of treating not only the disease, but the whole patient, and this building brings together varied components, from the rooftop garden, to the first-of-its-kind Tomotherapy unit housed in a heavily shielded structure, to floor-mounted, vibration-sensitive imaging equipment. The building’s design is integrated into the existing hospital complex, with a covered walkway mirroring the building’s roof, and terraces engaging the surrounding facilities. The building now exists as an embodiment of the vision of Emily Couric – a place where cancer patients are treated with respect, allowed to confront their disease with dignity, and are encouraged and sustained in their recovery.

Silman provided structural engineering services for the design and construction of this world-class facility. As an active participant in the integrated design process, Silman was able to contribute from the early LEED charrettes and carry that involvement through the design coordination, specifications, and during the implementation of the project goals in the construction phase.

The cancer center demonstrates how the use of traditional structural components, when thoughtfully designed and specified in careful collaboration with the architect’s vision, can meet the owner’s sustainability goals.