Con Med Offices

Utica, NY

Project Details

Completed 2001
1005, 000 sf
$3 million

Gensler & Associates

To relocate ConMed’s worldwide headquarters to an unoccupied manufacturing facility in Utica required an extensive renovation of the existing two-story steel-framed building. The design team reconfigured and replaced the building envelope through an expanse of new and existing openings at the perimeter and roof. Light walls carved through the building’s center create double-height shared spaces where all employees enjoy either natural or borrowed light. A re-energized work environment is enhanced further by expanded amenities, including training centers, a conference center, and a cafeteria. The project included installing two new elevator shafts and three new stairwells. A new two-story entrance lobby was also required. This caused four columns to become unbraced at the second floor and required reinforcing. One of the new stairs up to the second floor cantilevers off of a new cantilever concrete wall. Vibration and deflection were taken into account when designing these stairs.