Kum & Go, Krause Gateway Center

Des Moines, IA

Project Details

Completed 2018
160,000 sf
$151 million

Renzo Piano Building Workshop with OPN Architects

2019 SEAoNY Excellence in Structural Engineering Award – New Buildings

Images © Michel Denancé

The conceptual motif of this new 6-story corporate headquarters is its set of four vast planes, which emphasize lightness and transparency. Long interior spans, exaggerated cantilevers, and thin floor plates necessitated a careful, integrated structural design process.

The design team selected structural steel for ability to solve many different problems with one trade. The building’s lateral framing is a hybrid of moment frames, braced frames, and cable-tied super columns.

The showpiece of the Krause Gateway Center is the perimeter exterior cantilevered framing, colloquially known among the design and construction team as the “nosing.” The key to the nosing system was the need to attach (in plan) each 60-foot section of nose to the adjacent section, so that the entire system acted together, and the outriggers did not differentially deflect.

Interior spaces include a double-height lobby area, a fitness and game room, and spaces for the company’s art collection. With energy efficient features such as a green roof with native plants, this project is seeking LEED certification.

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