Scholastic Building

New York, NY

Project Details

Completed 2001
$25 million

Aldo Rossi

The Scholastic Building is a 10-story office building that was added to supplement the owner’s existing office space in the adjacent building to the south. The foundation of the building is a 38-inch thick concrete mat that extends throughout the building footprint.

Constructing the foundation was particularly challenging because of the existing landmarked “Little Singer” building to the north and the BMT subway line less than 5 feet to the east. Vibration monitors were used to measure movement and prevent damage to existing structures.

The lower three floors and the cellar are constructed of composite metal deck slabs on structural steel. The floors above utilized concrete plank on structural steel. Moment frames were designed into the structure to resist lateral seismic forces. The two facades fronting Broadway and Mercer Street were designed by Aldo Rossi to complement the existing cast iron architecture of the area.