Jefferson Memorial

Washington, DC

Project Details

Completed 2009

McKissack & McKissack

US National Park Service

An original adaptation of Neoclassical architecture, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial is modeled after the Pantheon of Rome. Architect John Russell Pope used Jefferson’s own architectural preferences in the design of the monument.

Silman developed structural repairs for deteriorated historic elements of the building involving the marble volutes of the Ionic column capitals and interaction of steel framing and marble cladding for the north portico. Silman also provided structural engineering consultation with the design of perimeter security landscape elements.

The work included:

  • Assistance with Blast / Threat Analysis to Establish Perimeter Security Criteria
  • Design of Vehicle Barrier Systems
  • Structural Preservation Work for masonry components, including marble volute repair and stabilization.
  • Structural Preservation Work on the north portico.