Center for Contemporary Arts

Shepherd University Shepherdstown, WV

Image copyright © Tom Kessler

Project Details

Completed 2008
44,200 sf
$30 million

Holzman Moss Architects

2009 Steel Joist Institute, Unique Application – Honorable Mention

The Shepherd University Contemporary Arts Center consists of approximately 100,000 gross square foot of space among three primary buildings: two visual arts buildings, and a theater building, as well as shared public spaces. The site is steeply graded on one edge and integral with the existing campus on the other sides. The current project consists of one of the visual arts buildings. The roof form is intended to be the unifying element for both interior and exterior. The roof structure consists of wood decking bearing on steel joists spaced 3’-0 on center. The steel joists are supported by a CMU bearing wall at the exterior and one row of interim steel beams.