Scarsdale High School

Scarsdale, NY

Project Details

Completed 2005
290,000 gsf

Peter Gisolfi Associates

Scarsdale High School is situated on a 50-acre site in the Village of Scarsdale. The school went through multiple transformations over three distinct periods. The styles ranged from Georgian Revival to Gothic Revival to finally Modernist style. These renovations led to overlapping of the three main styles which influenced the latest renovation of the school.

Silman added approximately 70,000 square feet to a 220,000 square foot building and renovated all of the circulation space as well as significant portions of the pre-existing buildings. Two main entrances were also added on the east side of the building and three significant entrances on the west side. Included in the new construction was a new gymnasium wing at the south end of the complex, a new library at the center of the school, and a new student commons adjacent to the cafeteria.