Oyster House

Honest Point, VA

Image copyright © Maxwell MacKenzie 2011

Project Details

Completed 2011
4,780 sf
$3.7 million

Dale Owen Overmyer Architect

2012 AIA Washingtonian Residential Design Award

Silman provided structural design for a new private guest house and pavilion located on the former site of a historic oyster shucking factory, overlooking the Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River.

The Oyster House is composed of large panels of glass, custom designed galvanized steel bracing, and marching intervals of round timber columns, hand-selected for their conformance to strict sweep and diameter tolerances. The timber columns and beams with steel cable braced frames are supported on timber piles. An elevated timber bridge, accessible by golf cart, connects the entryway and garages to the main house. Exposed structure dominates the design, which required a close relationship between architecture and structural engineering resulting in a highly-efficient use of materials and labor with very little cladding control necessary for the final construction.