One Hundred Foot Line

Ottawa, ON Canada

Image courtesy of Roxy Paine and James Cohan Gallery, New York/Shanghai

Project Details

Completed 2010
100 ft x 3 ft x 3 ft
Stainless Steel

Roxy Paine

Collection of the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

National Capital Commission

Roxy Paine’s One Hundred Foot Line is a permanent public sculpture and the internationally renowned artist’s most ambitious sculpture to date, in terms of its upward scale. The work is located on Nepean Point, overlooking the Ottawa River. The sculpture references Canada’s capital and its proximity to nature, as well as the industrial context of the region. Made from pipes that are commonly used in manufacturing and heavy industry, the sculpture is an example of the artist’s interest in trees and of his technical facility with creating sinuous structures from industrial materials.

A series of intensive tests were conducted to ensure the site’s suitability in terms of environmental conditions and public safety. Silman worked closely with a local wind engineer (RWDI) to ensure that the stainless steel structure could withstand the harsh Ottawa winter, with both winds and ice. In addition, Silman designed the crucial base connection to the concrete foundation.