Mill Run, PA

Project Details

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

Famous Frank Lloyd Wright concrete house built over waterfall for the Kaufman family is now a house museum. Silman performed:

  • An investigation of cracks and other deficiencies in the reinforced concrete frame using non-destructive evaluation showing continued deflection of main cantilever of up to 7 inches.
  • Finite Element Modeling to determine under-reinforcement of main cantilever causing deflection.
  • The stone floors were lifted to gain access to the cantilever.
  • Solution was to apply exterior post-tensioning cables to stop the continuing deflection and raise the sag by a fraction of an inch.
  • The deflection has not been completely corrected because raising it more would cause cracking in windows and other places, but it will keep it from getting worse, and it will be historically representative of Fallingwater.