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TYLin Buildings Sector

In 2021, Silman joined TYLin, a globally connected engineering company with 3,000+ professionals worldwide. This union formed the TYLin Buildings Sector, which now comprises 200 people across the Americas. The Buildings Sector has 60+ professional engineers and 20+ LEED accredited professionals.

Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater
Expanded service offering: Lightweight Structures

In 2023, TYLin announced the creation of the Lightweight Structures Group to support the growth of the Buildings Sector. The new group expands the suite of services offered to the architectural community and brings the practice into mainstream use. Nic Goldsmith and his team join the sector from FTL Design Engineering Studio, a firm with 45 years of experience exploring the application and efficient use of lightweight materials. Over the years, Nic and his team have often worked with Silman, originally in direct collaboration with Silman founder Bob Silman and continuing up to the present.

More info

Read TYLin’s press release about the Lightweight Structures Group here.

Download a one-page summary about the group’s people and experience here.

View a full archive of the group’s past projects on the FTL website here.

Panama Canal bridge - TYLin
About TYLin

Since its founding in 1954 by Tung-Yen Lin, TYLin has grown into an internationally renowned firm. By connecting a global network of technical experts, TYLin has progressed from a focus on bridges to encompass all modes of transportation, buildings, and water resources. With industry leaders across the globe, TYLin provides quality services and state-of-the-art technical solutions on some of the world’s most challenging and iconic projects.

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