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Nancy Hudson, PE

Nancy Hudson

Nancy Hudson has over two decades of structural engineering experience, most of which has focused on the preservation, restoration, and reuse of existing structures. She was named a Principal of the firm in 2017, and in her time at Silman, she has often led complex projects that require coordination with federal, state, and municipal agencies.

Nancy’s preservation projects range from restoring iconic modern buildings, to weaving modern mechanical systems through 19th-century masonry structures, to stabilizing failing ruins. As a structural engineer, she approaches historic buildings holistically, since the architecture, structure, and building systems often have become integral, making it difficult to change one without impacting the others. Nancy is experienced with state-of-the-art investigation techniques and balances the use of technology with a practical hands-on approach that informs the investigation, design, and construction to achieve the goals of the owner.

A few of her notable, recently completed projects include the Cincinnati Museum Center in Cincinnati, OH; the Wyoming State Capitol in Cheyenne, WY; and a master plan for the renovation of the Alamo in San Antonio, TX. She is currently serving as Principal in Charge of the renovation of the New Jersey Executive State House in Trenton, NJ; the renovation of the Alderman Library at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA; and the renovation of the Schwarzman Center at Yale University in New Haven, CT.

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