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Silman Culture

Creating, Renewing, Preserving, Sustaining.
Whitney Museum Site Visit
Joy fosters creativity.

Silman is noted for its collaborative spirit in the design of new architectural works and on some of the largest and most noteworthy renovations and additions in the US.

Michigan Central Station Site Visit
Creativity feeds great collaboration.

Silman fosters an approach centered on constant collaboration between owners, architects, and consultants to provide the highest quality structural engineering services possible.

NYPL MML Site Visit
Great collaboration yields successful projects.

The firm’s engineers are trained to be effective listeners, creative problem solvers, and knowledgeable about all facets of the construction process.

West 79th St Site Visit
Great people produce great design.

Our diversity of knowledge and backgrounds -experience with both historic and modern structures -has taught our engineers which technologies work best; we understand both new and old construction, are well versed in the use of all materials, and are willing to create new systems.

Silman's Canine Team
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