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February 2, 2023

Silman announces new principals, sector managers, and associates

Please join us in congratulating our new principals, sector managers, associates, and other recently elevated staff members. By bringing enthusiasm and creative rigor to buildings of all types and scales, these individuals exemplify the overarching Silman principle of joy with meaning.



Justin Den Herder – Justin will focus on design innovation by enhancing collaboration-related efforts both internally and externally. This will include the development of new processes and tools coupled with new ways of visualizing and communicating our design efforts and deliverables. As a thought leader within the industry, Justin is interested in questioning how and why we work, what materials we choose to work with, and how those materials impact the built and natural environments.

Amy Hwang – In her ongoing role as Technical Development Director, Amy will advance the firm’s culture of technical knowledge sharing and continual improvement. She leads an internal, rotating group of engineers dedicated to developing resources, guidelines, and processes to capture knowledge with the goal of reducing “reinventing of the wheel” and expanding the firm’s technical capabilities. She also oversees the firm’s Communities of Practice, a framework for engineers to collaborate across project team silos, share lessons learned, and develop project-based office-wide resources. Foundational to her efforts is the belief that equitable access to technical knowledge, collaboration opportunities, and expertise fosters an environment for creative critical thinking.

Christopher K. Ruiz – Chris will continue to grow our cross-collaboration with other sectors and TYLin companies. He will lead Silman’s DC office, serve as the Mid-Atlantic Buildings Sector Manager overseeing growth in the region, and assist in growth in the Southeast. Also serving as the Area Manager for TYLin in the Mid-Atlantic, Chris will coordinate with the other service sectors to provide clients with a collaborative team of engineering problem solvers. Chris has always been passionate about collaboration and building relationships across the industry.


Associates and sector managers

Nathan Hicks, Senior Associate, Southwest and West Coast Sector Manager

Albert Mena, Senior Associate, Central and Midwest Sector Manager

Nicholas Presciutti, New York and South Sector Manager (TYLin Buildings Sector)

Jason Boral, Associate

Colin Doyle, Associate

Kenneth Hill, Senior Associate

Paul Laroque, Associate

Thomas Moorhoff, Associate

Mark Prikazsky, Associate

Ian Schmellick, Senior Associate


Staff promotions

Senior Project Engineer: Andrew Garrison, Alejandra Guerra, David Adler, Jeffie Chang, Jessica Haberstock, Kristina Hensel, Margaret Cowie, Mark Bayer, Maya Stuhlbarg, Michael Laracy, Phil Tranchese, Thomas Rogg, Zach Brown

Project Engineer: Anna Blyth, Erica Lennon, Juan Pablo Mendez-Ruiz, Nelson Perello, Nick Lancellotti, Nyema Wesley, Russell Archer, Takuma Yonebayashi, Zak Bourara

Senior Engineer: Alison Semrad, Daniel Hussey, Dereje Girma, Ellen Lane, Melanie Dickens, Sharon Jankiewicz, Tamar Caplan

Senior Drafter: Eliza Barragan

Senior BIM Engineer: Kiera Mitchell

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