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1100 Architect

A New Generation
  • Queens Central Library, Children’s Library Discovery Center. Photo credit: Michael Moran/OTTO.

Our work with 1100 Architect represents one of the longest and most fruitful collaborations between a new generation of architects in the early 1990s. This new generation was pushing design boundaries and working with creative clients – a sign that money was flowing, for the first time, directly to artists while they were alive. Crucial to the growth of Silman, the relationship with 1100 Architect represents one of the first seminal collaborations that occurred almost exclusively with the second generation of our leadership.

The early work between the firms – on multiple projects for mostly private clients – helped elevate our reputation on new, innovative structures. Although many of the projects were on a smaller scale, such as custom stairs, railings, or mullions within a townhouse renovation, the designs and attention to detail gave us the experience and confidence to work on larger scale innovative projects by the mid- to late- 1990s.

Many of the collaborations led in turn to recognition within the creative world (something Bob had initiated with work on sculptures throughout the early years of the firm) and among builders of highly customized residential work and many of those collaborators emerged and  became the owners, designers, and builders of the work we do to this day for cultural institutions throughout New York City and beyond.

Even today, we foster relationships with young, small, energetic, and talented firms, in the recognition of the joyous journey we have taken with 1100 Architect.

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