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Maya Lin Studio

From Sketch to Structure
  • Neilson Library's new northern jewel box wing with sunken courtyard. Photo credit: Maya Lin Studio © 2017.

For over twenty years, we have worked with with Maya Lin Studio on sculpture and architectural projects.

In developing a coherent structural approach, regardless of the medium, we start by seeking a deep understanding of Maya’s intent and aspiration for the project, through a series of face-to-face meetings and often leveraging multiple models of various scales. Over the years, the nature of this approach has led to the development of modeling and representational tools that have allowed us to respond to the project prompts in a manner that is consistent with the artistic vision.

From small sculptural elements to significant buildings, our ability to synthesize, often bereft of a coherent structural strategy (and sometimes purposely in opposition to a coherent strategy), has been elevated by this on-going collaboration. The tools have been deployed and honed over the years and incorporated into our work with numerous architects who similarly, may start with an image or a sketch and based on that impression alone, ask us to conjure a similarly inspirational structural approach – one that is, of course, cost effective and buildable.

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