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House in the Rockies

Aspen, CO

Located on a 183-acre ranch between Basalt and Aspen, this luxurious private residence has an upper level that follow the slope of the nearby mountain, while its lower level is cantilevered to provide occupants with views of the valley.

  • Silman used steel plates modified with a system of notches and holes to create a nested structural system of glulam beams and custom steel girders.
  •  Many of the members support extreme cantilevers for the house’s multiple decks and angular roof overhangs.

The standing-seam roof caps a standard membrane system to protect the home from heavy snowfall during the winter season. A 510-foot-long concrete wall behind the house redirects avalanche debris flow. The property also features a ranch manager’s house and a horse barn with custom wood and steel bar trusses, a greenhouse, and outdoor tennis court.

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