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Northeastern US
  • Photo credit: Jeff Goldberg/Esto.

This new waterfront single-story residence has granite-clad walls, a steeply pitched and asymmetric slate roof, and a double-height main space with exposed timber framing. The house’s structural system utilizes reinforced concrete masonry walls with wood framing to form the unique roof profile and large interior vaulted spaces.

A 25-foot-tall fireplace chimney, constructed of reinforced masonry and clad in stone veneer, separates the living room from the kitchen and dining area while providing support for the roof. Timber beams cantilevered off this central structural element achieved column-free views of the ocean.

Working closely with the architect and timber supplier, Silman designed and detailed hidden steel connections to emphasize the natural wood aesthetic of the exposed timber framing. The firm’s engineers also designed and detailed custom steel frames for two 15’x10’ belvedere rooftop elements that bring additional light into the vaulted central areas below.

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