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Cornell University Klarman Hall

Ithaca, NY

The first new building on the Cornell campus in a century, Klarman Hall provides much-needed faculty office and classroom space for the humanities departments of the College of Arts and Sciences and serves as a gateway to the Arts Quad. With a lower roof than the existing Goldwin Smith building, the design respects its historic surroundings.

The $61 million building houses the Arts Quad’s largest auditorium (350 seats) and features a light-filled 7,700 sf central atrium with a large cafe. The new atrium encloses Goldwin Smith Hall’s rotunda, connecting the two buildings. Klarman Hall offers 33,250 sf of usable space, including offices, work spaces and classrooms, and informal gathering spaces.

Other design features include a green roof to reduce stormwater runoff that also minimizes heating and cooling needs and creates a garden-like atmosphere for an elevated terrace with seating. Klarman Hall is LEED Platinum certified.

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