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Domino Sugar Refinery

Brooklyn, NY

The adaptive reuse of this historic 1880s refinery building will create residential space and office space geared toward the creative and tech industries. The renovation includes the construction of a new 15-story building within the existing shell of the landmarked exterior brick masonry walls. Interventions to the exterior walls will be minimal, but a series of repairs will improve their soundness and stability.

Silman’s scope of work will occur in two phases: first, the existing exterior walls will be shored in place while the existing factory interior structure is demolished.

The second phase will entail the construction of a new building within the existing walls, and the permanent bracing of these walls against the new structure. A glass and steel extension will then be added on top.

The proposed superstructure of the new building is steel framed with two cast-in-place concrete lateral cores centered within the new building’s footprint. The cores will ensconce egress stairs and elevator shafts. Clear-spanning steel girders will connect perimeter columns to internal cores, allowing for minimal interior columns.

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