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Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park

Tampa, FL
  • Photo credit: Albert Vecerka/Esto.

The centerpiece of this new 25-acre park is the Tampa River Center, a two-story building with a community facility and event venue on the upper level. Inverted queen post trusses comprised of steel rods and timber queen posts provide a column-free multi-purpose room without deviating from the uniform glulam rafter dimensions. Slender steel trussing behind clerestory glazing connects wood shear walls to the roof while bringing natural light into the offices located in the middle of the building.

Exposed cantilevered glulam beams support the dramatic sloping roof that shades a wraparound viewing terrace. This angled roof directs runoff towards a rain garden that filters the water before redirecting it back to the river.

The boathouse below uses cast-in-place concrete and features an aluminum screen. Tucked into a new inlet, the building was designed to be resilient to the flood events that are likely to affect the river.

One of the project’s entry bridges had to be constructed in a manner that provided required easement access. Silman achieved this by using sculpted pre-cast planks that span and nestle between two pre-cast concrete girders that can all be disconnected and removed. This project included small utility pavilions that also have glulam-supported roofs.

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