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Made in NY Campus at Bush Terminal

Brooklyn, NY
  • Image credit: nARCHITECTS.

Silman has completed a conditions assessment and is currently engaged in adaptive reuse and renovation work for two industrial waterfront buildings in Sunset Park’s Industry City. One building will be transformed into a garment manufacturing hub, while the other will become a light manufacturing facility.

Building A is a five-story wood and heavy timber framed structure with unreinforced brick masonry bearing walls. Building C is a late 1800s 4-story building with the same wood, heavy timber, and unreinforced masonry structural system as Building A.

  • Existing conditions at Building A as of 2018.
  • Existing conditions at Building C as of 2018.

Silman’s exterior scope of work at Building A includes facade repair and interventions on three sides to create a ground-level lobby space. Inside, a new double-height space and feature stairs will provide a venue for fashion shows. New staircases throughout will help the building meet updated egress requirements. The firm’s engineers are also designing a mezzanine, located within an attached triple-height annex, to raise Con Edison mechanical equipment above the flood elevation. Building A will also have dry flood-proofing strategies that include concrete liner walls and deployable panels.

Silman’s scope of work at Building C includes facade repair, raising the concrete within loading dock areas, and rebuilding enlarged openings around loading dock doors.

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