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Princeton University Residential Colleges

Princeton, NJ

Both of these new colleges consist of four mid-rise residential towers with connector buildings featuring extensive green roofs. A central dining hall is located partially below grade. This project is intended to expand the university’s undergraduate population by up to 1,000 students.

The framing system consists of structural steel frames with precast plank floors at the towers and structural steel with composite slabs on metal deck at the central dining hall. The dining hall roof framing supports landscaping, as do several of the towers.

Most towers also feature pass-though portals (where the campus sidewalk cuts through the buildings), and large building-end cantilevers starting at the second level above grade. The facade’s many finishes – including precast concrete panels, masonry, glass, and metal wall panels – all required careful detailing to support and integrate into the building. These new colleges have a LEED Gold certification goal.

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