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Reunion Square

Washington, DC
  • Image credit: Hickok Cole.

Silman is providing structural engineering service for a new mixed-use development in southeast Washington DC, which will include affordable housing for seniors, retail, and spaces for local businesses and community organizations including the Anacostia Playhouse.

Office Building – Proposed building comprised of three floors of underground parking, eight stories of commercial and office space above grade, and several occupied terraces. The underground structure is to be mild reinforced concrete with post-tensioned slabs and transfer beams at the above grade floors.

Residential Building – Proposed 6-story structure comprised of one underground level of parking, a mixed-use ground floor, and five floors of residential units. The parking and ground floor levels are to be cast-in-place concrete with post-tensioned concrete slabs, which will include a podium level to support the wood-framed residential levels above.

Hotel – Proposed structure comprised of one underground level of parking, three floors of mixed commercial space, five floors of hotel space, and one large occupied terrace area. This new structure that will be mild reinforced concrete, with post-tensioned slabs at the above grade floors.

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