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SUNY New Paltz Campus Commons

New Paltz, NY

This major renovation to the student union building introduced a new steel and glass atrium: a “crystalline palisade” set on the existing concrete building that extends into the courtyard. The exposed superstructure is made of welded steel tubes to form planar trusses on all six flat surfaces, including a 100-foot-span “ridge truss”, with additional steel bars and cables at the two roof surfaces to form out-of-plane trusses.

A ceramic-fritted glass enclosure permits transparency while controlling solar gain, providing a healthy, light-filled interior environment. Other environmentally conscious features include low/zero-impact mechanical and electrical support systems and sustainable finishes throughout.

The facility now includes entertainment and community commons, conference/meeting rooms, an enhanced bookstore storefront, a cafe, bike racks, the Scholar’s Perch Lounge, and group study rooms.

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