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Times Square Valentine Heart Design Competition

New York, NY
  • Photo credit: Maria Baranova, courtesy of Times Square Arts.

Every February since 2009, the winner of the Times Square Valentine Heart Design Competition takes its temporary place in Duffy Square. Silman has collaborated with many of these project’s designers to engineer support structures for the hearts and verify their stability.

In 2021, Silman collaborated with Soft–Firm on Love Letters. Resembling two interconnected hearts in plan, the installation uses a single undulating plywood surface to create four distinct spaces. Silman found that the structure of this installation was sufficient for temporary display and capable of supporting its self-weight as well as winds up to 98 mph within code-prescribed limits for stress and deflection. The firm’s engineers also worked with the architect and fabricator to develop a base and ballast system congruent with these analyses.

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