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Wells Fargo Hudson Yards Offices

New York, NY
  • Photo credit: Garrett Rowland.

The project entailed a fit-out of several floors within 30 Hudson Yards, a new super-tall mixed-use building on Manhattan’s west side. The flagship office space includes two new trading floors, administrative offices, reception area, and café space.

Related to the new stair and stair opening, Silman analyzed the existing steel structure for capacity to support a new two-story digital display wall that occupants can view as they descend the floating stairs.

Silman reviewed the existing 10th floor dunnage and designed additional dunnage for a new load bank, cooling tower, and pumping skid to be supported on the existing concrete piers at the 10th floor roof setback. Further work required separation of the existing dunnage platform (which supported both the existing cooling tower and the new cooling tower) into two isolated platforms so that the isolation springs could be designed specifically for the new, smaller cooling tower. Silman also reviewed and analyzed the new data center loads on the existing floor framing and coordinated the relocation of data center units with the architect and MEP engineer.

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